• 160mm
  • PR87 / 1.8mm
  • PR87T / 2.0mm
  • Rotor *1
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Description

In the pursuit of speed, any excess weight should be eliminated.

Without sacrificing any necessary strength, PR87 is a perfect two-piece rotor for road riding.

UCI Regulations

Referring to the UCI regulations, the outermost periphery of the disc is designed to be full round edges.


  • PR87-160 / 117g
  • Rotor / Stainless Steel
  • Spider / Aluminum Alloy
  • Center Lock Hubs

Diameter / Thickness

  140mm 160mm 180mm 203mm 220mm
1.8mm - PR87-160 - - -
  • • For the unavailable thickness requirements, please CONTACT US

Upgrade - 2D Floating Tech.

Looking for a better braking performance? The 2D Floating upgrade might be suitable.


Check Before Every Ride

Before riding your bike, please check the following items


  •  ●  Is the rotor thinner than the recommended thickness ?
     ●  Is the installation direction correct (LOGO facing outwards) ?
     ●  Are front and rear rotors cracked or deformed ?
     ●  Does the screw or lock ring reach the recommended torque value?

     ●  When removing the rotor or cleaning the bike, the rotor should not be stained with oil


※ If you have any questions, please consult the place of purchase or dealer