About PSB

Through design thinking,
we integrate innovation and experience,
we infuse industrial products with humanistic design,
we make connections between manufacturers and users,
In order to provide better solutions for our customers.


Our Effort

Dirived from 30 years experienced bike components manufacturer. We are committed to injecting innovative and humanistic designs into traditional production. Integrating experience and innovation to provide better solutions is our commitment.

Our Belief

Anything can be the missing part of the next invention, so we try to stay humble. Test every possible situation, accept every criticism, and participate in the entire production process of the product, because we believe that innovation comes from improvement.


Our Vision

With the experince of ID, R&D, manufacturing, and the capability of accessing various materials and processes. We tend to find shortcuts between conception and production for our customers, in order to maximize benefits for the developer, manufacturer, and the user.

What are the advantages
of choosing PSB ?

If you have product ideas that would like to achieve,
or are searching for OEM,
Please refer to our product development services.