From Changhua's traditional manufacturing industry area, but with innovative design thinking.
Including material selection, injection molding, forging, and various surface treatments, we professionally integrate supplier resources and provide shortcuts between ideation and production for our clients.
Integrate ideas with local suppliers, implement customers’ concepts, and meet clients’ needs with diversified technologies.


Brake Pads Production

The compound formulas are developed by the R&D team and the experimental team together. Brake pads are mass produced after the performance and durability of the compounds are tested.

Metal Stamping

From material selection, stamping and blanking, heat treatment, and grinding, our disc production system has a high degree of self-control, and precise control of production costs is more important for product quality.


CNC Machining

PSB has its own mold and fixture manufacturing department. We can achieve precise size requirements through numerical control technology.

Surface Treatment

We have anodizing, painting, and laser engraving suppliers to provide technical support for different material textures, color schemes, and product feelings defined by customers and ID teams.


Brake Shoe Production

Brake shoes are the core items that affect the braking force of traditional cbraker calipers. Our production team produces and researches formulas for different rim materials.

Forging Technology

The manufacturing process of forming metal through pressure processing, which can improve mechanical properties of the metal parts, and is commonly used in product parts that require high strength.


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