Reasons To Choose PSB

PSB is a high-quality bicycle component brand in Taiwan, which started as a factory. Our own production ability reduces the cost of outsourcing. In addition to making products unique through independent research and development, we require R&D engineers to participate in all testing and processes throughout the production. We continue to set challenges for ourselves, with the goal of proposing premium solutions and providing you with an excellent riding experience.


Independent production

The PSB factory has 30 years of experience in bicycle parts foundry. In addition to accelerating the development and production process, being able to manufacture by ourslves can also ensure the quality of the products.

Independent R&D

Through cooperation with external ID units, PSB's R&D team can focus more on optimizing product details and develop for users with different usage conditions.


Integrated system

Information is generally transmitted layer by layer, which increases costs and may be distorted in the process. Therefore, we also serve consumers to reduce cost and distortion, allowing users to obtain high-quality products at lower prices.

For all kinds of requests, PSB is ready to help you.

If you have product ideas that would like to achieve,
or are searching for OEM,
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