R&D Team

Our R&D team is composed of experts in various fields and provides excellent products for PSB through independent research and development.
There are engineers with 30 years of manufacturing experience, material compound experts, development engineers and product managers who integrate different fields of expertise. Together, we research new technologies, explore new possibilities, and ensure the safety and riding experience of users.


Simulation Analysis

We have our own engineering analysis team, through analysis to provide engineering advice before product development, to ensure engineering and product yields and speed up the design cycle.

Engineering Technology

Solid engineering and technical experience is the core value of our R&D team. We conduct innovative experiments on existing technologies, explore the concepts proposed by the ID team, adjust product details based on user feedback, and ensure quality user experience with an attitude of excellence.


On-site Examination

PSB’s R&D team will participate in all tests during the development phase and every process during production, ensuring user experience in the engineering design stage, guarding quality during mass production, and accumulating experiences for the next innovation.

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