Test Team

Product testing is an important part of product development. Through the setting of conditions and the collection of data, strict product testing enables us to predict the riding situation in the future, to ensure the safety of riding and maintain the quality of user experience.


Simulation Scenario

In the product development stage, the product performance and reliability are verified. We simulate different weather conditions and environments. PSB is committed to satisfying the needs of different usage scenarios and performing realistic simulations.

Tested By Members

We pursue a perfect user experience in every project. After passing the reliability tests, all products will go through repeated riding tests by our members. Finally, these riding experience records will be returned to the research and development department for discussion and adjustment.


Maintain safety

In the process of product testing and verification, the same product is tested repeatedly. PSB uses a long-term approach to eliminate the uncertainty caused by the riding environment, and maintains the safety while allowing users to feel the progress.

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