3D Floating Technology Affirmed by the Metal Design Award


The Metal Design Award is hosted and organised by IDB and MIRDC. The materials used in the competition have been expanded to all metal materials from light metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and titanium in the past.
So far, it has become an important competition platform for domestic metal industry and designers to publish the research, innovation and application of metal materials.


This year PSB applied all products using 3D floating technology for selection, which are PR07 (Single-piece 3D Floating Rotor) and PR06 (Center Lock 3D Floating Rotor).
The floating function prevents safety issues caused by tolerance accumulation, uneven clamping, and heat deformation from high temperature during braking. Along with its longer service life, this rotor is sufficient to meet the use of E-BIKEs’ brake system.

(The comparison of uneven wear between a floating structure and a standard structure)


PSB’s innovative PR-03 differs from conventional two-piece rotors in two major features, the partially elastic outer disc and the floating rivet structure. 0.3mm patented open cuts are located on 6 of the 12 outer disc ribs, giving the disc flexibility. 6 other ribs are solid, which maintain the original rigidity of the disc.

(The 3D floating direction of the patented structure)



The patented floating rivet structure provides a large one-way movement space when it confronts asymmetric clamping of the brake pads during braking. The two main features formed the 3D floating function which can reduce operation abnormalities, suppress high temperature deformation, and increase product durability.

(Floating direction of general floating rotors)


After the discussion of the jury, PSB was awarded the Bronze and fine prize. The director of PSB stated that the purpose of participating in the competition is to encourage the continuance of life observation, problem discovering, and to process what kind of solutions can be integrated through design. Continuing to provide premium solutions for bikes is the core purpose of our brand establishment, and it is our self-requirement for growth.


Thanks to the dedication of the R&D team and the test team. PSB hopes to continue the exploration and communication on this journy, so that Taiwan can be reconized more through design.

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