• 160mm
  • 180mm
  • 203mm
  • 220mm
  • PR02 / 1.8mm
  • PR02T / 2.0mm
  • PR02T3 / 2.3mm
  • Rotor *1
  • Bolts *6 (Steel)
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Description

PSB's new slotted rotor is designed for the most demanding conditions.

Six recessed slots create channels to allow water, mud, and other debris trapped between the pad snd rotor to escape during braking.

Product Machine Test

We simulate the road riding environment for product tests. We review PSB products with standards to ensure user safety.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Aluminum centerpiece can achieve heat management. Maintain rigidity through heat treatment and keep quality accurate CNC processing.

Thickness Precision Control

The cavities of the disc is meticulously designed, so it is the key to control the thickness of the disc during the grinding stage.


  • PR02-160 / 134g
  • PR02-180 / 153g
  • PR02-203 / 205g
  • PR02-220 / 222g
  • Rotor / Stainless Steel
  • Spider / Aluminum Alloy
  • 6-Bolt Hubs

Diameter / Thickness

  140mm 160mm 180mm 203mm 220mm
1.8mm PR02-140 PR02-160 PR02-180 PR02-203 PR02-220
2.0mm - PR02T-160 PR02T-180 PR02T-203 PR02T-220
2.3mm - - PR02T3-180 PR02T3-203 PR02T3-220
  • • Please check the thickness before buying
    • For the unavailable thickness requirements, please CONTACT US

Upgrade - 2D Floating Tech.

Looking for a better braking performance? The 2D Floating upgrade might be suitable.


Check Before Every Ride

Before riding your bike, please check the following items


  •  ●  Is the rotor thinner than the recommended thickness ?
     ●  Is the installation direction correct (LOGO facing outwards) ?
     ●  Are front and rear rotors cracked or deformed ?
     ●  Does the screw or lock ring reach the recommended torque value?
  •  ●  When removing the rotor or cleaning the bike, the rotor should not be stained with oil


※ If you have any questions, please consult the place of purchase or dealer