• Specially developed for road bikes
  • Instantly produce high braking force
  • Quiet when braking
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Description

PSB's ceramic rim compound is developed specifically for road use, a situation where huge amount of braking force is required instantaneously, and the characteristics profile follows the performance.

Rotation Direction

Please note that the direction indicators on the brake shoe and the brake holder indicate the direction of rim rotation.
※ If the direction is reversed, the brake shoes will fall out, leading to the risk of brake failure.

Vertical Installation Position

Installation position: 1mm below the periphery of the rim.

Horizontal Installation Position

Horizontal position: Please try to keep the distance less than 0.5mm (or parallel to the rim).
※ Incorrect horizontal position will affect the life of the brake shoe.

Replacement Notice

When the groove is completely missing, please replace the brake shoes immediately.
※ The left and right sides are different, please check and replace them in their respective directions.

Proper Installation & Replacement

Please note: Improper installation or without replacement may cause faster rim wear, brake shoe damage or even brake failure.

Check Before Every Ride

Please check the following items before riding:

● Are all brake shoes installed in the correct direction
● Is the thickness of all brake shoes (take the groove as a reference) sufficient?
● Are all brake shoes installed in the correct position
● Are the front and rear brakes working properly?
● Is there any damage in the front and rear brake cables?
● Does the rim material match the brake shoe compound?
● Is the lever firmly installed on the handle?
● Does the handle show signs of cracking or peeling?
● Is there any strange noise?


※ If you have any questions, please consult the place of purchase or dealer

Brake Shoe Development

Through the experience and technology of PSB, we have developed different brake pads suitable for aluminum rims, ceramic rims, and carbon fiber rims, which have excellent modulation to meet the use in various environments.



To ensure the best performance of the pads, please follow the bedding in procedure below.



Drag each brake for 30 seconds on a gentle downhill slope. Repeat 3 times, and switch between front and rear brake.


 Drag the brakes for 15 seconds then apply more pressure to the levers until the bike slowly stops. Repeat 3 times.


Repeat step2. with the rear brake for several times. This is to ensure all the pads are bedded evenly, due to the front pads are usually heated more.


※ Do not apply the front brake too strongly, the wheel may lock up and cause a forward bike fall with serious injury
※ Be aware of the high temperature before checking or replacing any brake related components