Thanks designboom for sharing PSB's proud work


Check out designboom's article about PSB's 3D Floating-Plus Rotor

Recalled by all of PSB's design team members, designboom is one of the most visited websites whenever inspiration is needed.

The innovativeness of ideas and complishments among the various topics have expanded their horizons.

Thanks to the designboom team, we're now able to share our accomplishment and hope to give thounsands of creative minds a little help.

Link to PSB's flagship rotor on designboom


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Find out more about the technology of PSB's flagship rotor


PSB products with 3D Floating technology:

One-Piece Disc Rotor PR07 : Click here to get more information

Two-Piece Disc Rotor PR03: Click here to get more information

Two-Piece Disc Rotor PR06 : Click here to get more information





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