2021 Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony


The Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony has been held on December 4th in Taipei. The winners of the highest honors have been revealed at the ceremony.


This year, the Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award received nearly 8,000 entries in total from 28 countries around the globe, with many categories of designs in contention. After a three-stage process of preliminary, secondary, and final selections, the two judging panels ultimately selected 31 Best Design winners and two Special Annual Award winners of Golden Pin Design Award, and three Best Design winners of Golden Pin Concept Design Award, along with one winner of the Special Annual Award – The Farglory Award.


We are committed to providing quality solutions for bicycles. This year we brought the Two-Piece 3D Floating Rotor to attend the ceremony, thank TDRI & Golden Pin Design Award for inviting us.


PSB and p.lab started cooperation last year. We integrates design problem discovery and redefinition of R&D manufacturing technology. In 2021, three works were shortlisted for the 2021 Golden Pin Design Award. A product fascinates us in many ways, In addition to bringing users brand new experience, the most valuable part is the fusion of material properties, breakthroughs in construction methods and mechanical aesthetics in the process of discussing problems. This reflects the brand's thinking and the care of users, which is the spirit of PSB.


In addition to product design, we are fortunate to have predecessors in various fields to share their experience and insights with us. The division of fields stems from the differences in media, but design itself does not belong to any category. We believe that everyone who cares about design are able to gain new understanding from these excellent works, no matter it belongs to product, space, communication or integration.


Finally, we would like to thank the Golden Needle Design Award for accompanying designers to explore and innovate continuously. PSB is a company with strong creative energy, we hope to still live up to the expectations of the audience, continue to serve users, and keep touching people's hearts. See you next year.

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