3D Floating Plus Technology

3D Floating Plus technology improves the rotor performance to a whole new level. Combining the 2D and 3D floating technology to create a greater floating effect than conventional floating rotors.

Award Winning

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Elastic Outer Disc

The patented opening cuts forms the main function of the 3D floating technology. The outer disc contains 12 evenly distributed ribs, 6 of them are solid, while the openings cut off the rigid structure of the other 6 ribs, which makes the disc partially elastic.

Flexibility & Rigidity

Due to the flexibility of the disc, the rotor automatically adjusts itself to balance the wear by the brake pads on both sides. The special angle patented cuts also provide support when the margin space reaches the set value along the force direction during braking.

Spring Rivet Structure

The patented spring rivets provide the outer disc a large movement space. When the rotor confronts asymmetric clamping of brake pads, the 2D floating structure activates and the outer disc adjusts itself to a proper position which both sides of the disc can withstand the same amount of wearing.


Product Advantages

Not only the abnormal noise of the frame resonance are effectively reduced, the heat deformation caused by thermal accumulation is also prevented. Which increases the rotor’s strength, durability, and makes it sufficient for all kind of bicycles.

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