Centerlock Adapter - 1

  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Stainless Steel
  • Adapter *1
  • Spacer *1
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Description

This adapter allows 6-bolt rotors to be used on all common center lock hubs (axle diameters: 15-20 mm thru-axle / 9-10 mm quick release).

A matched lock ring tool is required for installing.

Installation Order

Place the 6-bolt rotor to the matching stainless steel pin on the adapter, attach them to the center lock hub and put on the washer. Fix all the components to the wheel set with a center lock ring.

Tightening Torque

Follow the recommended torque value of the center lock ring. In order to avoid damage, it is not recommended to exceed the maximum recommended value.

Please Check Before Purchasing

You May Need The Following Accessories

To attach your center-lock rotor to the corresponding hub, a center lock ring is required.
For installation, a mounting tool is needed.


Check Before Every Ride

Before riding your bike, please check the following items


 ●  Is the rotor thinner than the recommended thickness ?

 ●  Is the installation direction correct (LOGO facing outwards) ?

 ●  Are front and rear rotors cracked or deformed ?

 ●  Does the screw or lock ring reach the recommended torque value?

 ●  When removing the rotor or cleaning the bike, the rotor should not be stained with oil

 ●  If the lock ring loosens during riding, please stop riding immediately


※ If you have any questions, please consult the place of purchase or dealer