• 160mm
  • 180mm
  • 203mm
  • 220mm
  • PR06M / 1.8mm
  • PR06MT / 2.0mm
  • PR06MT3 / 2.3mm
  • Rotor *1

Product Description


The two-piece 3D Floating rotor is PSB's top solution for the most extreme and harsh conditions.

The highest level of performance and safety ensures that the bike keeps up with the rider on the road of pursuit and challenge.


※ This product does not include the sensor magnet.

Award Winning Rotor

Innovation comes from insight into the new demands of life. The PSB team is committed to the pursuit of product harmony, brand communication precision and aesthetics, which is our insistence on R&D and innovation. We appreciate the recognition of iF Design Award & Red Dot Design Award.

Flexiblity & Rigidity

The special angle of the cut can provide support when the margin space reaches the set value along the force direction when braking. So the product strength is ensured while the floating structure restrains the high temperature deformation during braking.

Floating Outer Disc

The patented floating rivet structure provides a large one-way movement space when it confronts asymmetric clamping of the brake pads during braking. The two main features formed the 3D floating function which can reduce operation abnormalities, suppress high temperature deformation, and increase product durability.

Patented Elastic Disc Ribs

PSB’s innovative PR-03 differs from conventional two-piece rotors in two major features, the partially elastic outer disc and the floating rivet structure. The patented open cuts are located on 6 of the 12 outer disc ribs, giving the disc flexibility. 6 other ribs are solid, which maintain the original rigidity of the disc.

Sensor Magnet

Sensor magnets can be easily installed, PSB recommends using an 8mm hex socket. Making the bike compatible with speed sonsors and Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS). ※ This product does not include the sensor magnet.

UCI Regulations

Referring to the UCI regulations, the outermost periphery of the disc is designed to be full round edges.


  • PR06M-160 / 171g
  • PR06M-180 / 188g
  • PR06M-203 / 240g
  • PR06M-220 / 265g
  • Rotor / Stainless Steel
  • Spider / Aluminum Alloy
  • Center Lock Hubs

Diameter / Thickness

  140mm 160mm 180mm 203mm 220mm
1.8mm - PR06M-160 PR06M-180 PR06M-203 PR06M-220
2.0mm - PR06MT-160 PR06MT-180 PR06MT-203 PR06MT-220
2.3mm - - PR06MT3-180 PR06MT3-203 PR06MT3-220
  • • Please check the thickness before buying
    • For the unavailable thickness requirements, please CONTACT US

Why Choose PSB Rotors?

Find out about PSB's rotor development process. The rigorous design verification and professional road testing ensure the product quality and your riding safety.


Check Before Every Ride

Before riding your bike, please check the following items


  •  ●  Is the rotor thinner than the recommended thickness ?
     ●  Is the installation direction correct (LOGO facing outwards) ?
     ●  Are front and rear rotors cracked or deformed ?
     ●  Does the screw or lock ring reach the recommended torque value?

     ●  When removing the rotor or cleaning the bike, the rotor should not be stained with oil


※ If you have any questions, please consult the place of purchase or dealer